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Map Memorial


Following the Second World War, more than 45 000 Canadians had lost their lives in military service overseas and at home. Canadians fought...


The Defence of Hong Kong

During the Second World War, most of Canada’s military war effort was placed in Europe; however, Canadians fought valiantly and made significant contributions elsewhere...





In 1945, after four years of being held prisoners of war and living in extremely poor conditions...

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I read of deeds of bravery that are so often done

The parts you only get to know, that affect the mentioned one

Like pilots who have saved their kites and set them safely down

To be rebuilt and sent back out with crews so brave and young

Or watch the valiant bombardier as he staggers towards the door

Not knowing that the day is bright, for his eyes they are no more

Oh please, Dear God put an end to these sites which we behold

These things that send out men so young and bring them back so old



I am dreaming tonight of a land clear and bright,

Where the snow falls is a pure crystal white.

Where the stars that shine from the heavens above,

Entwine in their shadows all things that I love

My home, my family my all – Canada.


-Private Clifford L. Miller of Winnipeg

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